Morality: given from God or from a good heart?

Majority of Christians genuinely believe that morality, the act of being a good person and doing good things, is given from God–which is frightening. To insinuate that you don’t kill or rape people regularly because God commands you not to-though I would argue differently-is equivalent to stating that if God told you to do so or that it was okay, you would commit those acts gladly.

Being an Atheist myself this slightly upsets me because you’re suggesting that because I do not believe in God and his “commandments” that I am more likely to commit such atrocities. Speaking from my life, the Atheist community, and the prison statistics that show most criminals are in fact religious, I can say this is anything but true. Hitler was a christian after all.

If religious faith improved morality, priests wouldn’t rape kids, suicide bombers wouldn’t exist, and women would have equality.

But let’s consider for a second that morality does indeed come directly from God; why is it then that I feel no desire whatsoever to brutally murder someone? Why is it that every major war the world has seen has been a fight over religious matters? Sure you could argue these people aren’t true Christians who do said things, but that still doesn’t give any proof indicating that non-religious people are more opt to be killers.

I’ve heard the argument that “you need religion to have morals because religion shaped morals.” But did it? This article isn’t to convert you out of your religion but take multiple old testament passages for example. Numbers 31: 7-18 is a story of the slaughter of every inhabitant of the town that wasn’t a virgin. Judges 19:27-28 is arguably one of the most gruesome acts of rape and murder allowed by her own father. In Numbers 16:41-49 God kills 14,000 people for complaining that God keeps killing them. For “christ” sakes, In Genesis 7:21-23 God drowns the whole earth. What a man to look up to!

So no, I do not stray from slaughtering people in their sleep because God told me not to, I am a good person out of the goodness of my heart and value human life. Believe whatever fairy tales you please but don’t try and tell me that I’m going to do horrible things because I don’t believe in God. Especially when the holy book you idolize for “teaching you morality” speaks continuously on the opposite of what’s moral.






2 thoughts on “Morality: given from God or from a good heart?

  1. It’s such a tiring and boring argument against atheism. I’m moral. I have always tried to be the best person I can be. It’s so easy to see that God doesn’t create morality if the people arguing against us didn’t shout ‘bla bla bla!’ With their fingers in their ears.

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